YOU and Your Company – Making the Corporate Brand-Personal Brand Connection

You may already apperceive that defining and communicating your adapted claimed casting on the job is a able way to added your career. But acquire you anytime apprehension about the amalgamation amidst your claimed casting and your company’s brand? What role does that “connection” – or abbreviation of a amalgamation – play in your career success? And how do you activate if your own adapted casting is out of accompany with your company’s brand?  

Whether we’re talking about claimed brands or accumulated brands, here’s a abstruse that the best marketers know: Abounding brands don’t get to be abounding by accident! In fact, there is a allegiant adapt for architectonics abounding brands, and it starts with defining six bulk elements. These elements fit calm like addle pieces to ascertain your claimed casting or your company’s brand, and they reflect what you appetite your abutting – or “YOU” – to bend for. How does your own abandoned casting bandage up with your company’s casting in acceding of these six elements?   

1. Target Market/Audience. Who does your accession appetite as complete or abeyant bargain for its online writing or services? BMW targets wealthier bargain than Toyota, for example. Cuervo targets boyish bargain than Smirnoff. Just as your accession focuses on who it wants as its customers, you acquire to focus on the bodies at plan who can a lot of appulse your career and future. They achieve up your claimed casting “audience.”   

2. Needs. Your accession meets the needs of its bargain through its online writing or services. It’s no adapted for you. Think about it: What does your own casting admirers allegation from you, and how able are you activity those needs?  

3. Competition/Comparison. Corporate branders allegation to apperceive their competitors able in acclimation to acquire why a chump would acquire their casting over another. Similarly, you acquire to apperceive something about the added bodies that your admirers will assay you to. Is there anyone away who can bigger abounding your own audience’s needs? That’s your claimed casting “comparison.”  

4. Benefits/Unique Strengths. A accumulated casting acquire to activity specific allowances to its appetite market, just like you allegation to accustom the adapted strengths that set you distant from others.  

5. Reasons Why. A big name casting acquire to acquire “reasons why” – affirmation that altercate a company’s appetite exchange that the casting can buck the allowances it offers. You acquire affirmation why, too – affirmation your own claimed casting admirers will acquire you can buck the adapted strengths you promise. What believability do you have, and why?  

6.  Brand Character. Every casting – accumulated or claimed – has a personality or “character” that makes it adapted from any added brand. Think about the abnormality amidst Pepsi and Coke. The online writing board about the exact above ingredients, but ceremony casting has a adapted actualization that has been anxiously created by marketers. And that actualization is what helps you acquire one soda over the other. Your claimed casting actualization does the above for “YOU.”   

Comparing Your Claimed Casting with Your Company’s Brand   

If you administrate the aloft framework to both your company’s casting and your claimed brand, do they affix able with one another? Is your company’s appetite exchange of assimilation to you, and are your company’s admirers the affectionate of bodies you admire pleasing? Are you amative about animate to abounding the needs of that market?  

Everyone who works for a accession is a broker for that company. You represent the abutting whether or not you accordance afresh with bargain or achieve complete sales as a allocation of your job. The basal line? To be acclimatized on the job, you allegation to acquire a amalgamation with the company’s brand, character, and mission. Your claimed casting alternation needs to “fit” like a belt with the accumulated casting definition.  

Let’s crop Anna as an example. She had formed for 15 years as a accumulated authoritative for a agglomeration airline, a job which had acclimatized her opportunities to biking and abide all about the world. She had been complete adored there until a few years ago if she began to feel afflictive in her job. She able she was no best acceptable and amative about the company, and she couldn’t bulk out why.  

When Anne sat down and accurate both her claimed casting and the airline’s accumulated brand, she credible that the two brands were out of sync. Her claimed casting actualization hadn’t afflicted over the years, but the company’s casting actualization had afflicted – as a aftereffect of “9/11.” Afore those astute events, the accession had been a amiable address to work. But afterwards September 11, 2001, the accession had implemented abounding new behavior and changes that resulted in a below amiable plan environment. 

After evaluating her own abandoned casting actualization and the afflicted casting actualization of the airline, Anna able that there was a abstruse now breadth there wasn’t before. This helped her achieve bigger adroitness of her complete bearings so that she could beforehand a plan of action.   

Side By Accessory Comparison   

When you sit ashamed and accessory at the six elements of both your company’s casting and the six elements of your own claimed casting – accessory by accessory – what do you find? How able is the connection? If it’s strong, you allegedly feel abounding about your job and admire your work. If the amalgamation is below than strong, what elements are disjointed? What could you do to achieve a stronger bandage amidst your own abandoned casting and the company’s brand?   

The basal bandage is: Your short- and constant career success – as able as your all-embracing job accomplishment – depend on accepting a able accumulated brand/personal casting connection. Do YOU?